The WAY - The TRUTH - The LIFE


After 2,000 years, many people in the west have dismissed Christianity as an outdated faith.  But when put to the test, Christianity still provides meaningful and realistic answers to the biggest questions in life.  Join us for a series of discussions to explore the Christian Worldview.

  • Why does Evil exist & how could God allow it?
  • Why do Christians say there is only one way to God?
  • Isn't the Bible just an ancient fairy tale?
  • What about the angry, mean God of the Bible?
  • Why did Jesus have to die on the Cross?
  • How can anyone believe that Jesus rose from the dead?


Are you interested in attending or hosting the course?  Whether it is a group of 6 or 60, we give you all the materials you will need to host your own Christian Worldview Course. 

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