What to expect…

Join us for a series of discussions to explore the Christian Worldview and answer common questions such as...


  • Why does Evil exist & how could God allow it?
  • Why do Christians say there is only one way to God?
  • Isn't the Bible just an ancient fairy tale?
  • What about the angry, mean God of the Bible?
  • Why did Jesus have to die on the Cross?
  • How can anyone believe that Jesus rose from the dead?

Each of the 6 Sessions consist of a light meal followed by a brief informational talk by Lance and Kathy for about 30 minutes. This is followed by coffee/tea, dessert and a time to discuss the topic in a small group setting. We will finish off the evening with a Question & Answer time.  

Because the Course is filmed, it is ideal for a large group setting where there are several discussion groups or for a single discussion group.