Our worldview matters...

We always recommend that you start with The Worldviews Course before hosting the Christian Worldview Course.  A lot of questions are answered that lay the ground work for considering a theistic worldview.  

To host a course is all about community.  The size of your group doesn't matter, it's the discussions and learning that take place.   We suggest you begin with something simple to eat together in your discussion group.  There is something about sharing a meal with others that begins to build relationships.  Next you will all watch one of the Session videos, followed by a discussion time in your groups.  There are questions for the group leader to help facilitate the discussion.  If you are a larger group you can end with a short Questions & Answer time.  Each Session is designed to be approximately 2 hours in length.

And lastly, we ask you to take a minute to fill out our short questionnaire (below the video) to let us know what you think.